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ICLAB - Intercultural Creativity Laboratory

TIPOLOGY: Event space


Viale Guidoni 103
50127 Firenze - FI - Toscana



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Highway: A1: 2.00 km
Railway: Santa Maria Novella: 4.50 km
Airport: Firenze, Peretola : 1 km


Open space and campus, located in Viale Guidoni 103, is a ca. 1,000 square metres space with a post-industrial look, modular and malleable for every need - even with furniture on demand for every type of event - ideal for meetings, parties, fairs, cultural events, seminars and workshops.
The space lends itself beautifully even for fashion shows, exhibitions and as a laboratory for creativity and self-expression.
The space can be used in various configurations: exploiting just the exhibition area, the conference hall or the entire surface of the premises.
ICLAB is the place of experimentation for creative people, a space in which research, education and creativity come together. The area is part of the Centro Congressi al Duomo, a reality deeply rooted in the cultural context of the city in the spirit of Life Beyond Tourism that gives the journey added value for the understanding of cultural diversity.
The easy parking and the strategic position of this multifunctional premise, close to the airport and to the highway, allows you to join ICLAB quickly also from the S. M. Novella Railway Station. Thanks to the partnership with B&B Hotels the guests can be accommodated directly in the campus.

ICLAB intero
525 seats
Space (sq. mt) 830

Natural light no

Fixed stage no

Setup and capacity

/upload/directory/loghi/classroom.png 120  Classroom

/upload/directory/loghi/u-shape.png 52  U-shaped

/upload/directory/loghi/boardroom.png 104  Boardroom

/upload/directory/loghi/theater.png 320  Theater

/upload/directory/loghi/cocktail.png 525  Cocktail

/upload/directory/loghi/banquet.png 220  Banquet

Sala degli Incontri
300 seats
Space (sq. mt) 323

Natural light no

Fixed stage no

Setup and capacity

/upload/directory/loghi/banquet.png 120  Banquet

/upload/directory/loghi/cocktail.png 300  Cocktail

/upload/directory/loghi/theater.png 200  Theater

/upload/directory/loghi/classroom.png 120  Classroom

/upload/directory/loghi/u-shape.png 52  U-shaped

/upload/directory/loghi/boardroom.png 60  Boardroom

Sala Expo
225 seats
Space (sq. mt) 401

Natural light no

Fixed stage no

Setup and capacity

/upload/directory/loghi/banquet.png 100  Banquet

/upload/directory/loghi/cocktail.png 225  Cocktail

/upload/directory/loghi/theater.png 120  Theater


• Indoor (mq) 1000 • Maximum capacity (seats) 525


• Furniture and layout: this space is a container that changes and is renewed for each event, customizable in every detail, offering the possibility to choose, on request, the type of furniture, in terms of quantity, colours and style.
• Catering: we have recourse to industry experts to provide a refined culinary experience. From coffee breaks, to party snacks, aperitifs and buffets, up to gala dinners. The menus are highly variable, ranging from ethnic to vegetarian and vegan food to the dishes of the Tuscany tradition.
• Tecnology: according to the requests for a specific event, the space is fitted with technological equipment of various kinds so as to provide maximum technological comfort.
• Simultaneous translation: it is possible to provide a simultaneous translation service to facilitate international and intercultural meetings.
• Entertainment: it is possible to offer a wide range of intercultural entertainments. The space lends itself very well to amplified musical performances, dances and traditional performances.
• Hostesses: it is possible to request the most appropriate hostess service for each event.

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