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Hotels, convention centers and meeting rooms for corporate events a Agrigento in Sicilia

luxury location for meetings events and conferences a Agrigento in Sicilia

Sicilia , the land of sun soaked citrus fruits, volcanos and spectacular islands, it’s famous all over the world for its beautiful landscapes: from the imposing Mount Etna to the Island of Favignana , not to mention Taormina , a place unique in its beauty and considered one of the most enchanting locations in all of Italy. Originally known as Trinacria for its triangular shape, Sicilia has registered over the years a remarkable growth in the tourism sector, therefore increasing the number of its accommodation facilities . In Agrigento, the Verdura Resort , 40 km from the town, situated on the valley of the river Verdura on an area of 230 hectare and on 2km of private coastline, a luxury oasis between olive and lemon trees features large meeting rooms & conference facilities equipped with high quality services that meet the most demanding requirements. A unique venue to hold your meetings and corporate events in a beautiful and inspirational environment.
A must see destination is the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which 2,500 years ago, was one of the most important poleis in Magna Graecia. Catania , dominated by Mount Etna, a UNESCO heritage since 2013, boasts outstanding vegetation due to the fertility of its soil derived from volcanic lava and very rich in minerals. Located in Catania, another prestigious hotel overlooking the bay offers you the possibility to book your conference or corporate meeting enjoying the starkly beautiful Mediterranean scrub. In Messina, situated on the homonymous Strait which separates Sicilia from the Calabria region, , exclusive resorts and luxury facilities boast spacious meeting rooms for congresses, corporate events and conferences . Sailing From Messina you can explore the beautiful Aeolian Islands to delight in the timeless beauty of the rugged and volcanic landscapes. Stunning coasts, fertile interiors and dramatic, rumbling cones make these tiny islands north of Sicily a truly unique destination, listed by UNESCO in 2000 as a World Heritage Site.


Verdura Resort

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