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Hotels, convention centers and meeting rooms for corporate events a Pisa in Toscana

luxury location for meetings events and conferences a Pisa in Toscana

Toscana takes you on a journey of 2000 years of history: starting from the ancient Etruscan civilization that occupied these lands long before the Romans, the region was “the cradle of the Renaissance,” and home of many famous artists, writers and scientists. Florence in particular, the Tuscan capital of great beauty and charm, is considered the birth place of the Italian Renaissance, with its magnificent museums, historical buildings and art treasures, and a must see while in Italy. Its landscape, artistic heritage and stand-out cities make Toscana an unquestioned protagonist of international tourism. In addition to the splendid art and ancient architecture, Toscana is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy because of its artistic attractions, breathtaking and dramatic landscapes, gorgeous medieval villages that dot the countryside, roads bordering the vineyards and olive trees, the beautiful hills such as the green rolling hills of Chianti and Senesi , to name a few, and its long and coastline of sandy beaches and rocky cliffs.
Historic houses, villas, luxury resorts, amazing hotels and other fabulous locations throughout the region, provide a unique opportunity to organize conventions or corporate meetings in a stunning and evocative scenery. Firenze, just outside of the city centre, offers large meeting spaces for high profile events , while in its very heart, walking through the same streets Dante Alighieri wandered in the 12th century, you will find among the many different accommodation available a beautiful hotel perfect for smaller private events. Amazing resort and luxury hotel with large meeting rooms are located in the main provinces of Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Pisa and Siena. You’ll also have the opportunity to relax at the thermal spa baths of Saturnia, enjoy the Viareggio carnival, visit Piazza del Miracoli in Pisa , which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with The Historic Centre of San Gimignano, a cultural site of exceptional value.


Grand Hotel Continental

Largo Belvedere 26
56128 Tirrenia - PI - Toscana

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