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Cantina Santadi
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Cantina Santadi

The Cantina di Santadi Winery’s labels, intended for those looking for a product that is both genuine and not standardized, export an authentic expression of Sardinian Sulcis throughout the world

Sulcis, the most geologically ancient area of Sardinia, offers a great variety of microclimates, ranging from the coastal stretch, the hills, the plains and the mountains, which favour the terrain’s unique features. It is here that some of the typical vine varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Vermentino, Nuragus and Chardonnay are born and ripen; each with its own particular organoleptic notes. However, the winery’s true crown jewel is the Carignano cultivar, of which the first references, dating back to over four thousand years ago, were recently discovered. The Carignano grapes produce a wine labelled Terre Brune, awarded every year by the best Italian wine guides.

Production, from Sardinia to the world

These grapes, cultivated within a radius of 30 km from the Santadi by a network of 200 small local producers that are united in a cooperative, are at the base of a production that has chosen to avoid any sort of standardization and to express the most authentic flavours of its land. With these fundamental values in mind, the winery has undertaken several projects to export the culture of drinking Sulcis throughout the rest of the world. The goal was twofold: on the one hand, to raise awareness of the wines produced, while on the other hand to bring the idea of associating a quality wine with meals to faraway places.

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