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From the most precious varieties of cacao, a very high quality product

The name DOMORI is the result of a love for 17th century Venice, a symbol of trade, travel and adventure. “Domori” in Venetian means “two moors” that refers to the two statues that beat the hours on the big bell placed on top of the clock tower in San Marco Square, icons, in Franzoni’s imagination, of the two dark seeds: coffee and cacao.

Domori was born from the creative mind and passion for nature and cacao of Gianluca Franzoni who in 1993, after studying economics, arrives in Venezuela where decides to build a model for the repositioning of fine cacao.

For three years he experimented with new varieties and post-harvest processing methods, in order to preserve biodiversity and prevent the extinction of extra-fine cacao, Criollo, the rarest and most prized ever.

Since its inception in 1997, Domori has been a real revolution in the world of cacao: the first chocolate company to use only fine cacao, focusing on high quality, to produce chocolate with Criollo cacao, to control the supply chain from plantations in South America and Central America with a proprietary plantation that has allowed it to recover biodiversity and original aromas.

Domori was also the first company to rediscover and use an ancient formula for chocolate, cacao paste and sugar, while at the same time creating a Chocolate Tasting Code to discover its infinite nuances. This is thanks to a single, great intuition: saving the most precious varieties of cacao from extinction, maintaining the original aromas and making them accessible to the great connoisseurs of global chocolate. The company is now based in None, just outside Turin. Since 2006, Domori has been part of the Illy SpA Group, whose chairman is Riccardo Illy.

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