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Quality and passion. Not just an outsourcing supplier, but a real partner to whom to entrust with confidence their own hotel company

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Outsourcing of services is a choice that is widely used by hotel companies today. GSC Group SpA is a company active for over 15 years in the supply of highly specialized personnel in the hotel / hospitality sector. Today we discuss the subject with the president of GSC Group SpA, Roberto Bernardone. How does your company stand out from the competition? «To answer this question», explains Roberto Bernardone, «I would first like to make a premise on the current market. Compared to the past, we can say that today for a hotelier outsourcing is no longer one of the possibilities, but an obligatory choice, and this for a number of reasons related to the optimization of management and business. For a hotelier, in fact, managing staff directly means not being able to carve out the right time to increase business and deal as it should with the growth of turnover. Employee management issues take time, which is why outsourcing is necessary. But it is also important to choose the right partner and above all an experienced company. GSC Group SpA manages over 175 5 and 4 star hotels in Italy, we have almost 20 years of experience in the sector and we can proudly say that we are the market leaders in Italy».

Quality Outsourcing Management

Great experience then, but what are your strengths today? «First of all, training and safety at work», continues Bernardone, «but also proper manage ment of employees (punctuality of payments, etc..), compliance with employment contracts and regulations, just to name a few. Our customers know that they have in GSC Group SpA not just a supplier, but a real partner to whom they can entrust their hotel business with confidence». It is a delicate choice to outsource services, because it requires targeted approaches on the part of GSC Group SpA, for example by diversifying the company strategy when meeting a new client according to its position and characteristics, as if branded or owned. «Really, our approach», explains Bernardone, «does not change if the hotel is owned or linked to international groups, and I believe this is the reason for our customers’ satisfaction: the commitment we put in, the quality of service and advice we offer are always excellent for any customer. It is clear, however, that our target group remains luxury hotels, 5- star hotels or 4-star hotels that want to make a difference. We work throughout Italy, the regions where we are most present are Veneto, Lombardia and Lazio. At the recent TTG in Rimini we had an excellent response as far as Emilia Romagna is concerned, where hoteliers are moving from a family-type hotel organisation to an outsourced management».

Training and certifications formaximum guarantee

For quality outsourcing services it is also important to have reference figures within the structures and especially trained personnel. «This is another strength of our company», confirms Bernardone, «Our staff is constantly updated and/or trained since ever, is a methodology that allows us to remain number one in this area. In our company, the employee is always at the centre of our choices and business strategies. Another important aspect, often underestimated, are the certifications, which represent our business card. Having Quality Certifications is fundamental to give full guarantee to the customer. Just think that to all those we already have, we wanted to add one on which we have the “copyright”: the Certification of Contract. What is it? It is first and foremost a protection for the customer, but also for the staff employed and for ourselves. The Procurement Certification guarantees that all regulations have been correctly respected, that employees have a regular contract, that the company is solid. In addition, it guarantees the hotelier that the contract is actually congruous».

Innovation and integrated services

Quality and passion, then. That’s why GSC Group SpA is now a leader in the sector. What are the future projects? «Certainly innovation», concludes Bernardone, «always being one step ahead, always being able to offer more services, that’s what is part of our DNA. This year, for example, we offered our customers the defibrillator free of charge and trained our staff so that they could use it if necessary. In addition, we have partnered with Manet – exclusively throughout the country in the hotel sector – and are able to offer each room a Samsung smartphone available to hotel guests with unlimited calls and internet. The mobile phone can be taken around the city, you can buy extra hotel services, and communicate with the reception that, through a control panel increases the profile of the user improving the service».


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