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Borgo Egnazia
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Borgo Egnazia, a new way of living local tradition

Live and explore Apulia like real natives, discover the rituals of happiness, playing golf in the green surroundings of the Valle d’Itria: Mice and Incentive have a lot of options in this structure inspired by a traditional Apulian village

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A vacation that has much more, to live such experiences like “nowhere else” and to immerse yourself in the traditions, colors, customs, and lifestyle typical of Apulia. This is Borgo Egnazia’s strong identity - starting from a project which on one hand pays tribute to the local tradition, and on the other represents something new, almost visionary, striking and intriguing, offering different, but authentic, experiences.

The spaces between tradition and high-tech Borgo Egnazia immediately strikes a chord with its forms, colors and materials, silhouetted against Apulia’s blue sky (located in Savelletri di Fasano, Brindisi province). Freely inspired by the architecture and style of the typical local village, with houses built from hand-cut volcanic rock, the stone floors, porticos, and small windows to keep the indoors cool, the structure comes from a creative idea that stands out for its mix of tradition and modernity, connection to the area, and new ways of understanding hospitality. Everything revolves around the Borgo, which reflects the style and architecture of a small town, with its narrow streets, the central square, fountains, and clock tower, surrounded by 92 houses. The Court is the central building with 63 rooms, and then there are 29 Villas, solutions for families and groups with generous space (at least 250 meters square). The Conference Center is contemporary in its spaces and furnishings: 10 multifunctional rooms, from 10 to 300 seats, 4.000 square meters of exhibition space and a Business Center open 24/7 with Wi-Fi, secretarial and interpreting services, along with gardens and other less conventional open spaces to organize events and meetings of all kinds.

Indigenus: Mice and Incentive experiences Borgo Egnanzia rewrote the rules of traditional incentives and team building, proposing a series of experiences to live in Apulia like a native. Places, daily activities, popular festivals and handicraft are profoundly linked to Apulia and its traditions have become special and unique, like “i giochi delle contrade”, old street games in which groups (parts of a town) compete in physical evidence, gastronomic competitions, and challenges, in local dress. “No more than a thousand” is a journey back in time, where you become the protagonists in the life of a fiefdom for one day, each person with their own social role and profession, to learn the value of teamwork and cooperation, while “hits by a wooden spoon” transform the traditional cooking lesson into a simultaneously fun and informative lesson. With a predefined budget and time limits, each team has to buy the products needed for preparing a meal, centered on local specialties, cook it and serve it, using practical knowledge, team spirit, ability to meet deadlines, and achieve goals. Or, discover ceramics in private houses, shops, and churches - or experience a sensorial journey inside the Castellana Caves.

Borgo Egnazia
Borgo Egnazia
Strada Comunale Egnazia
72010 Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi) - +39 0802255000

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