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BW Premier BHR Treviso Hotel
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BW Premier BHR Treviso Hotel

The hotel, owned by Basso family, at only 2km from the Canova Airport, is the ideal location to discover the “Grande bellezza” (great beauty) of Treviso

It’s no coincidence that Treviso is the city where passion for art exhibitions has been blooming since twenty  years, enchanting the whole Italy, finally, developing the real vocation, the personality of Urbs Picta, Treviso by the beautiful painted facades and the murmuring water. Color, art, joy are part of Treviso and its citizens’ calling, lovers of beauty, lovers of restoration, aware that, as the great Russian novelist Dostoevskij said, “only beauty will save the world”.

Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel The hotel is owned by Basso family, a three generations building company of Treviso, that has entrusted the hotel management to Tiziano Simonato since the opening, on December 2008. It is located in Centro Leonardo, a mixed-use building at the edge of the city of Treviso, only 2 km from the Canova Airport of Treviso and at 15 minutes by car from the Marco Polo International Gate of Venice. In the building there are large spaces with restaurants, business and directorate activities. The building is modern, with refined touches, welcoming, with a large parking and garage with an easy access, escalator and more than 600 parking spaces. The choice of accommodation and conference is wide in offers that rely on local excellences. We may say that the hotel has a “bleisure” soul, as a matter of fact, it is dedicated to business travelers, but it also pays attention to leisure ones. Lured by Treviso’s wonders, the guests come on weekends to visit the current art exhibitions, or the exhibitions inspired by local products such as “Il fiore rosso d’inverno” (the winter red flower), “Sua maestà il radicchio di Treviso” (his majesty radicchio of Treviso), the asparagus and the Prosecco of the nearby hills, proposed to become a UNESCO World Heritage.

A great and versatile Mice leader BHR is appreciated either locally, by businesses and local public institutions, either by national and international professional organizers of congresses and conferences, event manager, and incentive house. Thanking to 133 rooms and to 13 adjustable halls with natural lighting, able to hold more than 1300 people, every year it hosts tens of medical-pharmaceutical conferences, hundreds of products presentations and countless training events, enriched by a restaurant offer proposed by BHR Catering Divino either inside either outside the building, that helped to turn the hotel to a landmark for big conference events, among the most prestigious locations of the North East.

The most enjoyable and creative post congress The events office is very versatile in its wide choice of offers that pleasantly surrounds a conference or a corporate convention. The staff’s creativity and effort make the events even more attractive, with unforgettable convivial moments inside old palaces, Veneto villas and city museums, beyond the visit to the most famous towns. Treviso has been always presented as Venice’s Garden, because it was part of the Serenissima Republic’s territory, but its variety and initiative have emancipated the city since a long time: Treviso’s tourists are refined and search for the beauty, the serenity and the typical Italian lifestyle.

Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel
Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel
Via Postumia Castellana 2
31055 Quinto di Treviso (Treviso) - + 39 04223730

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