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Conventa: the crossroads of knowledge and good practice

At the end of January the jubilee 10th Conventa Convention took place in Ljubljana to celebrate the success of Conventa. It remains a focal point for organisers of business events in the region of South East Europe. In addition to exchanging knowledge and experience, it also places emphasis on networking and making new business contacts

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10 years of success of Conventa

The jubilee celebration was marked by a lively programme of events and experiences, and some of the key achievements of Conventa were also remembered.

Here 5 points that characterise Conventa:

  1. For a decade we have been discovering new locations for organising events
  2. We educate
  3. We connect
  4. We uncover new trends
  5. We show examples of good practice

Why has Conventa become the most important event in the region for convention organizers?

1. The first and the biggest specialised event in 'New' Europe
Conventa was the first event of its type in 'New'Europe, and is also the first event that takes places at the start of the year. Many industry experts have added Conventa to their calendars and describe it as the “unmissible event of the year“.

2. A record number of invited guests
From its very beginning the convention hosted 2,286 guests from 48 countries. Event organisers trust Conventa, therefore some of the biggest names in industry are among the exhibitors, such as Renault, Michelin, Citroen, MCI, Kenes, American Express Travel, European Society of Cardiology, Maritz, Marbet, VokDams, Alcatel,....

3. A high percentage of new customers every year
Eighty percent of customers are new to the event every year
. Conventa is the only convention in the world with such a high share. This enables Conventa's partners to build their own customer base and work intensively on their own marketing.

4. Exhibitors from 18 countries in the region
The number of countries participating in Conventa has doubled in recent years. In total, 1,192 exhibitors have taken part, among them a very high share (91%) have become permanent partners.

5. Effectiveness of business meetings
In 10 years, exhibitors and invited guests have held 29,150 meetings
, which have undoubtedly brought new business links and concrete sales results. On average, exhibitors hold 25 meetings, the quality of which they rate with a high average of 4.59 (of 5).

6. Conventa hassustainability at its core
Every year Conventa strives to reduce negative effects on the environment and in the organisation of the event takes into consideration various sustainability practices. The event is known for the sustainability of its stands which are constructed every year from more than 3,200 wooden crates. Conventa has received an IBTM award for our sustainable efforts.

7. Conventa broadens horizons
Conventa is very pleased to be able to boast that the majority of educational contents are free for participants. Last year Conventa began with professional education when, for the first time, it was organised the Conventa Crossover Conference on the theme of the future of MICE and tourist marketing.

8. Conventa rewards the best
Since its inception, the Congress Star Award has become known among the circle of event organisers and in the profession as one of the few that is awarded on the basis of established standards and criteria. The award is conferred by Kongress magazine and Conventa for the best congress destinations, hotels, congress centres and events in New Europe.

9.Conventa uncovers new destinations
Emerging congress destinations in ‘New’ Europe complement Conventa. Stunning nature, rich cultural and historic heritage, excellent transport infrastructure and affordability, numerous new congress centers, hotels, and creativity, are putting ‘New’ Europe among the newest and most desirable congress destinations.

10.Measurable satisfaction
Year-after-year Conventa fulfill promises to invited guests and exhibitors to the only convention where both sides are treated equally, and feedback from them testifies to its success. From the results of surveys a high share of exhibitors, 88.9%, confirmed that investing in Conventa pays off. They rated the event with an average score of 4.52.

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