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Conventa is changing the world of events

In the past 10 years, through innovation and a desire for change, Conventa has recorded remarkable achievements, bringing to the region 2,586 event organisers from 48 countries and 1,317 exhibitors from 18 countries. Among them, over 32,000 business meetings have taken place

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For over a decade Conventa has been exceeding the boundaries of conventional business events and is regarded as one of the most innovative events in the meetings industry. Below, we have selected ten of the most notable innovations.

The 80/20 Model

Conventa is the only show in the world that has pledged thatevery year a minimum of 80% of the guests invited – event organisers – will be new. By turning this model into concrete numbers, to-date 2,172 new and 414 regular customers have been brought to Conventa. Such a demanding and innovative customer-oriented model is not currently used at any events in the world.


From the outset Conventa has operated on the basis of the equal treatment of providers and buyers. All social events are open to everyone, since the organisers believe in the transparency of relationships, without the need for privatised events, receptions and agreements that are hidden from the public.
Conventa's organisers also believe in equal rights among exhibitors, who are able to hire stalls that are equipped for work according to the principle 'Come, Meet, Win'.

Stalls from wooden crates

Over the years, stalls made from wooden crates have become a trademark of Conventa. They are produced using exclusively Slovenian wood, thus emphasising the meaning of 'local'. In addition to the sustainability of the components, the wooden crates also contribute to a good feeling among attendees and a special homely atmosphere at the event. Conventa received an award for this innovation at the IBTM show in Barcelona in 2013.

Sustainable organisation of the show

From the very first day, the organisers of Conventa have been motivated and committed to the principles of sustainable development, which contributes to a dynamic balance between man and nature. We developed our own handbook for implementation and addressed areas where the potential for reducing harmful effects is the greatest. In doing so they are following the 4R concept (rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling).

The concept of 'New' Europe

The organisers of Conventa believe in new, different, charming, and as yet undiscovered congress destinations. For this reason, Conventa was the first show on the international market that began promoting countries in southeast, central and eastern Europe, which we classify as 'New' Europe. For us, 'New' Europe is connected with the basic professional values of the congress industry -youth, energy and creativity – such principles are also those of the destinations which are promoted at Conventa.

A holistic experience

The Conventa approach is a unique formula for the synergy of experiences which we have named 'The Conventa Experience'. Over 98% of our partners agree that they attend Conventa due to positive experiences in the past. From the outset, Conventa has been packaged and defined using the 6 Es formula (Experience, Engagement, Education, Emotions, Energy, Entertainment). This places an emphasis on experiencing the event with all the senses, which, these days, has become a world trend among organisers of the most demanding events.

Conventa Crossover

The younger brother of Conventa is the Crossover conference. The organisers of Conventa sensed the need for a different, open, and lively format for an educational-experiental event that will be engraved into the memory of the up-and-coming generation of congress organisers. The Conventa Crossover is the first event of its kind that is dedicated to tourism marketing, and which focuses on Europe in the areas of content, social, digital and experiental marketing. The previous two successful Conventa Crossovers had a far-reaching influence in international congress circles.

The Conventa Trend Bar

The congress industry is yearning for a revolution in meetings, otherwise future generations will see today's events replaced by virtual reality and even a virtual future. That is why the Conventa organisers introduced an entirely new format of events, where people can meet in a relaxed atmospherein an area designed as a spacious (and homely) living room. Following such meetings in Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana, these innovative, informal, networking events will also continue in 2018.

An invitation for coffee

Conventa strives to achieve its goals of hosting meetings in a place that surprises and inspires, whilst simultaneously offering a feeling of homeliness and warmth. An invitation for coffee is a symbol of hospitality that is extended to all event participants. Conventa is not only a place for business meetings, it also becomes a pleasant living room where participants can behave as they would at home. This concept is today being used by many of the largest congress shows in the world.

Innovative ROI measurements

From its inception, the organisers of Conventa were aware of the need to ensure effective measurement of its results and added value. Therefore, high standards are continuously introduced, whilst results are measured in real-time using the innovative V-tablet system – the first in the world. Results can be compared throughout the year, thus constant improvements in the event are a reality.

Ahead of its time!

The fact that Conventa is on-trend is proven by numerous copies of the event, as well as the generic use of the name Conventa. Four years after the introduction of Conventa, the Convene event began, which, in a similar vein, connects the Baltic States, whilst in Graz there is the Conventa events agency, and the Conventa PCO agency operates in Croatia. We are most proud of the numerous events that are organised on the basis of our principles and innovations.

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