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Earth Hour at Hilton Milan
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Earth Hour: Hilton Milan turns off its lights to light up the change

Saturday March 5th the stylish Milan hotel organizes a dark aperitif, livened up by colorful led lights, candles and live music, to join WWf in its global cause

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Milano, March 16th 2017 – In 2007 for the first time WWF promoted Earth Hour in Sidney, inviting citizens, institutions and companies to turn off their lights for an hour. This initiative of climate change awareness has spread from Sydney all over the world, and it’s now  a global deployment. Hilton Milan is proud of supporting this event, sharing the message of this worldwide challenge: together you can make the difference, each one with his own contribution. For this reason, on March 25th Milan Hilton hotel is going to participate at the 10th edition of Earth Hour. The special event organized by the hotel is a dark aperitif: for an hour lights will be turned off to light up a eco-friendly future. The event is starting at 7:00 p.m., but the lights, that usually enlighten the hotels inside and the Concept45 restaurant, are going to be off at 8:00 p.m. . Live music, colorful led lights , and candles will  animate the evening. The led lights will be set up by Netick group, while the sponsor of the apertif is Martini. It’s going to be a magical evening, suggestive atmosphere will led guests to live a sensorial experience:  the sight will be sharper in the shadow, the touch will recognize objects and the surrounding, touching the surfaces, the taste and the sense of smell will be teased by the tasty dishes, and in the end the hearing will be cradled by the notes of the live band. Locals and foreigners are welcome to live this experience at the Hilton Milan, sharing the chance of make the difference together.

For Info:

Hilton Milan
Hilton Milan
Via Luigi Galvani 12
20124 Milano (Milano) - +39 0269831

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