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Grand Hotel Terme Della Fratta
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Join seven typologies of thermal waters at Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta

Seven, in the old village of Bertinoro, between nature, art and history. For a complete wellness. Open year-round

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Among Romagna green hills there’s a marvelous Mediaeval village that sets aside unique beauty and splendor. It is Bertinoro. Here history, art and nature blend in a perfect union and here there is also an exclusive address for the remise en forme, the Grand Hotel Terme Della Fratta. Surrounded by a thirteen hectares large park with 7 typologies of thermal waters, the hotel offers all that you may desire for physical and psychological wellness, between thermal pools, massages, relax and spa treatments, every season. The fil rouge is the local water, whose benefic effect is due to its high concentrations of salts and minerals that are present in 7 different typologies: salt, salt-bromine-iodine, sulphureous, salt-sulphureous, ferruginous, magnesium and arsenical.
Received by a nice and attentive staff, the guest feels cuddled in every moment of the stay and well-advised for the wellness program ideal for his or her needs. The guest may choose among different packages. For example, Percorso Armonie Naturali (Natural harmonies treatments) is ideal to restore balance and to ease tensions and stress, it is composed by 2 thermal Jacuzzi pools, chromotherapy, vascular path, sauna, icefall, Turkish bath, Kneipp footbath, wasser paradise and emotional showers. However, as summer approaches, to enhance beauty and physical fitness in a short while, there’s the treatment Intensivo Oxygym, based on active Oleogel with ozonides for draining, slimming, firming and exfoliating skin. The treatment (116 euros) lasts almost an hour and half, and it is done with the lotion Gym – that inhibits the adipose stem cell transforming them in preadipocytes, thanking to isoramnetine and to high concentration of active microencapsulated – and with an energetic massage combined with precise gymnastic movements which get back into shape the body with an effect similar to a “sporting activity”.

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