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PerDormire Hotel

Bed system 2.0: a guest’s rest is an incentive for investments. The Materassificio Montalese trademark for hotels offers a completely integrated bed system to ensure the utmost sleep


Furnishings are the fundamental components of a hotel room: they create a personalized atmosphere and at the same time they must possess the features that meet comfort and functionality needs. In this regard, offering a bed system that guarantees excellent sleep quality is fundamental nowadays. In order to meet this need, in 2012, the PerDormire Hotel, a brand in the HORECA sector, was launched and in a short time it established itself in the quality hotel segment. Behind the hotel you’ll find a professional company in the mattress sector, Materassificio Montalese – one of the leading European mattress manufacturers and the first Italian retail chain dedicated to sleeping – founded nearly 50 years ago in Montale (Pistoia) by the Caso family.
«A hotel that wants to distinguish itself must ensure that guests have a good rest. And our mission is to convey the culture of good sleep, attention to wellness and a comfortable bed», says Emiliano Izzi, Contract Division Manager at PerDormire Hotel. «As far as we’re concerned, to talk simply about mattresses is reductive. What we offer our customers is, in fact, a real “Bed System 2.0” that also includes headboards, bed springs, pillows and bed sofas, all 1IM class certified». One of our  priorities is the aesthetics of the end product, like in FlyingBed, the new bed collection created in collaboration with designer Massimo Mussapi: a complete and coordinated system, including the bed base, headboard, sofa-bed and accessories, in various sizes, finishes and colours. Fly ingBed rewrites the basic elements of the bed such as iron legs and mattress supports, while proposing a sum of lines and proportions never before seen and pleasing to the eye. «A room furnished with this system reduces the room cleaning time because the fabric used doesn’t get as dirty as other fabric and stains are easily removed», explains Paolo Luchi, Commercial & Marketing Director, «...advantages that were previously reserved for wrought iron beds to the detriment of aesthetics, while the FlyingBed system makes design quality yet another positive feature for the room».

Quality as a driving sales force

Ensuring proper rest for guests should not be thought of as a cost, rather as an investment capable of generating an immediate return. «And if the best hotel chains have long understood this concept, raising their bed system standards, today important mid-range brands have also started investing time and resources to offer a unique resting experience», says Luchi. Comfort and absolute hygiene are indispensable in ensuring a well-deserved rest. Hygiene for PerDormire Hotel is at the forefront of its priorities, offering its customers a specific No BedBugs program designed to prevent and minimize the risk of bed bugs and mites infestation. «Our program includes mattresses, mattress coverings and pillowcases with a specific treatment based on essential vegetable oils – a treatment tested by an independent laboratory to ensure maximum effectiveness (ed) – and a series of daily prevention products, while fully respecting the environment and the guest’s health», concludes Luchi.

Understanding the guest’s habits

PerDormire Hotel addresses guests with a consulting approach: «We provide our fifty-year long experience as producers with an in-depth knowledge of international markets», says Paolo Luchi, « fact, for years now we’ve been exporting to over 40 countries around the world. We always ask our hotel owners the main geographical areas where their guests come from so as to propose the “Bed System” that best suits their needs, based on the comfort required or their postural habits, which differ from country to country. A welcome touch that makes guests feel cuddled». A “Bed System”, patented according to standards of excellence, is therefore an important lever, not only to sell better, but above all to obtain the guest’s loyalty and, consequently, to give the facility a better reputation.

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