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Dolomites of Veneto: mountain active holiday

A wide range of cultural, sports, wine and food and leisure activities to be experienced in Unesco natural heritage mountains

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With a holiday in Veneto Dolomites, Unesco world heritage site, you may live a wide range of experiences concerning culture, wine and food, sport, shopping, relax and entertainment, with top of line services. This wide offer makes the Veneto Dolomites area one of the most famous tourist destination of the world. It’s history: Cortina d’Ampezzo had already become “the queen of Dolomites” from the mid-nineteenth century, when wealthy travellers from all over Europe arrived there.

There’s always something to do choosing the Veneto Dolomites, proposals for an active holiday are really numerous! A broad network of paths and refuges of Club Alpino Italiano offers routes for everyone, from peaceful walks for families to the more challenging trekking. It’s possible to go biking among breathtaking landscapes on cycling tourist paths, mountain bike and e-bike trails or on legendary hills of the Giro d’Italia.

This is the birthplace of mountaineering, a real paradise for those who want to climb among sensational landscapes, along equipped paths or stone walls that are suitable for novices and experts. Without forgetting those who want to practice golf, horse riding, tennis, canyoning, rafting, canoeing, paragliding, trail running and vertical kilometre in untouched and highly scenic natural settings.

The Dolomites cultural heritage

Among these mountains, tenacious and industrious people has been able to combine nature, development and tourism, maintaining link with the past which can be found in museums, frescoed churches and old wood and stone farmstead scattered through valleys and enchanting hamlets.

In Pieve di Cadore there’s the birthplace of Tiziano Vecellio, one of the most representative painters of renaissance. Not far from it, in selva di Cadore, the Museo Vittorino Cazzetta holds the skeleton of the Man of Mondeval, a hunter who lived here 7,500 years ago: his old burial was found at the highest altitude of Europe. In Cibiana di Cadore, the “murals town”, houses are frescoed by artists from all over the world. On the rite, the Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites is located. In a fort of World War I, which is 2,000 m a.s.l., paintings and artworks of reinhold Messner’s collection describe history of exploration and Dolomites mountaineering. Here, art is mixed with panoramic glimpses on some of the most spectacular peaks of Dolomites, such as the monte Civetta and Marmolada group. If monte Civetta is famous for the biggest ski area of Veneto and the enchanting town centre of Alleghe, the Marmolada, the biggest glacier of Dolomites, houses the highest museum of the world. We talk about the Museo Marmolada Grande Guerra which is 3,000 m a.s.l. in the territory of Rocca Pietore, one of the Most beautiful hamlets of Italy.

Fashion and gastronomy

On these peaks sun is stronger than usual, maybe this is the reason why the Cadore has become the “birthplace” of glasses made in Italy! Here there are four of the five leading glasses manufacturers of the world. If you are looking for branded glasses of a luxury brand, such as Dior, Chanel, Prada or Armani, you are in the right place

Whatever your holiday, you shouldn’t miss a gastronomic experience with view in one of the starred restaurants of Belluno Dolomites, such as the Aga of San Vito di Cadore, or in one of the many restaurants, trattorias and high altitude refuges, such as the Lagazuoi near Cortina, which has a wonderful panoramic terrace.


Dolomites of Veneto: mountain active holiday
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