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Italy on the road: relax, wellness and gastronomy

Fascinating and perfectly itineraries ready to offer unforgettable views, sport, relaxation, and excellent gastronomy

Carinzia: Grand Tour of the Lake

Warm and crystal-clear waters with a thousand shades of turquoise, long and charming wooden piers, refined beach clubs, and luxurious hotels overlooking breathtaking landscapes.

The most fashionable sport on the calm surface of Lake Wörthersee is Stand-Up Paddling; and a canoe trip in the ‘Everglades’ of the paradisiacal Faaker See offers unforgettable experiences for nature lovers.

A perfect itinerary all for active tourism and for cycling tourism enthusiasts, alternating swims, walks, and pleasant rides, thanks to the ‘Kärnten rent e-Bike’ service, which lets you collect and return the bicycles at any rental point of the network.

On the map of Carinthia, the Grand Tour of the Lakes draws an ‘8’, crossing alpine landscapes of extraordinary beauty, an itinerary suit- able for everyone which can be travelled with traditional or electric bikes, which can be rented on site, in over 50 locations.

Deciding to travel by bike on this new itinerary means enjoying 100% of the unexpected beauty of these places, leaving worries and organizational difficulties at home.

It is possible to choose to take a long relaxation break and enjoy excellent gastronomy, or continue on board line boats. No problem even for luggage: specialized companies like Alps2Adria and Kärnten Radreisen organize complete packages that include overnight stays, luggage transport, and assistance.

Viaggio a Tarquinia

A perfect mix of history, art and nature, less than an one hour drive from Rome, a window that opens up to the wonderful views of the Tuscia valleys and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Everything, here, tells the story of Etruscan life and their afterlife conception, according to which the de- ceased survives after his/her death.

Monterozzi Necropolis: exploring the magnificent tombs dug into the rock, the first thing that stands out is the blaze of colours of the painted walls – that makes it the biggest underground gallery in the world – with figurative scenes.

DOC tasting sessions: it’s possible to taste the typical products of the territory with a good glass of wine, the principal product of these places.

The Trail of Wine and Typical Products of the Etruscan Roman lands has been established to preserve and enhance the riches of quality food and companies linked to their production. The Trail extends along the stretch of coastline that goes from Anzio to Civitavecchia, and to the East towards the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano, including the fascinating and wild scenery of the Tolfa Mountains. It’s a pleasure to go through it, crossing olive groves and vineyards that reach the sea, alternating grasslands and cultivated fields. Here, you may encounter the typical butteri (cowboys) on horseback and Maremma cows whose breeding is flour- ishing.

The destination allows tourists to practice sport activities, to go for walks, to rediscover the pleasure, the serenity and the quality of life of the past. In Autumn and in Spring, Maremma offers a lush landscape, that’s ideal for pleasant horse riding through woods and spots with conceivable breaks in several agro- touristic refreshment facilities. Alternatively, it’s possible to go along the coast- line as far as the Saline Nature Reserve, where you can practice birdwatching.

Having the awareness of a territory potentials and how to emphasised them are the key elements of success to re- launch a tourist destination. Municipality has developed packages, that propose several aspects, which characterise the tourism supply with offers and innovative theme trails. These are inspired by characters of local history, customs, habits, traditions and legends belonging to different eras, which combine with the consolidated offer of the classic itineraries linked to the Etruscan people. Furthermore, a revaluation and promotion project has been initiated in different tourism areas: seaside, cultural, educational, family, sporting, eco-tourism, social, food and wine, environmental and experiential

Living like in a fairy tale among the wooden huts of the Valle dei Mulini near Lake Ledro, in Trentino

Immersed in a natural and eco- sustainable dimension, ideal for enthusiasts of nature holidays but also for those who love slow rhythms and the rediscovery of ancient traditions.

A surprising variety of flowers, plants, and wild animals; panoramic spots to admire in silence, by foot or mountain bike; breath taking descents from Mount Tremalzo where you can enjoy the view of Lake Garda, and the panoramic Ponale trail that climbs from Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro offering landscapes of incredible beauty.

Here every day is a continuous discovery and every season is exciting: water sports such as canoeing, sailing, and windsurfing - cliffs to climb- snowshoeing or ski mountaineering - snow- shoeing  and ski mountaineering at Passo Tremalzo, skating, and cross-country skiing in Val Concei….

One of the reasons that allowed Valle di Ledro to become a UNESCO bio- sphere and attract enthusiasts and botanists from all over Europe. The pas- tures of Dromaè, above Mezzolago, in May and June transform into a colourful carpet of daffodils, peonies, wild orchids, anemones, and lilies.

If you are photography enthusiasts, here you will not be able to resist the panorama of Lake Ledro.

Valle di Ledro is a place devoted to the culture of a food strongly rooted in this valley: cheese, yogurt, ricotta, and butter, all strictly without preservatives; when the smell of freshly milked milk gives way to the aroma of malt and hops, the road is certainly the one that leads to the Leder Craft Brewery; here they grow also the purple potato, to prepare the famous polenta, soups, and gnocchi and among the typical products to try there are carne salada, luganega, speck, and game salami and mocetta.

Bosc del Meneghì organizes guided visits and tastings on the theme of wild and cultivated medicinal herbs, a place where you can also admire fluttering blue drag- onflies in the well-kept garden.

You also cannot miss the excursion to the Museo delle Palafitte (Stilt House Museum), a UNESCO heritage site: it tells the story of a pile-dwelling village dating back about 4 thousand years ago.

After a day of activities, returning to your chalet and finding a lit fireplace is a welcome opportunity for moments of reading and relaxation, perhaps sipping a good glass of wine or the typical local liqueur, Picco Rosso, made from mountain strawberries and raspberries, also offered as a Picco Spritz aperitif by the local venues.

Lastly, who choose to stay in these chalets choose an eco-sustainable holiday: the original houses, in fact, are also equipped with Tesla Wall Connectors, to recharge electric cars for free. Each piece of furniture, each scent tells a story and tradition that began over a century ago, from the passion for wood of the Casolla family, owner of the Alpine village. There are 12 chalets, 5 of which also have a private sauna.

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