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Provence Sentier des Ocres

While in the common imagination, the beautiful southern region of France is tinged with purple lavender fields, there is another chromatic suggestion venue that, during the whole year, surprises travelers with its thousand shades of ocher paths ...

Just a few miles from Avignon, in the middle of one of the world's most extensive oak deposits, there is one of the most fascinating and surprising places in southern France, an intense landscape.
The Roussillon fortune, a small and charming village in Vaucluse - the "most beautiful villages in France", runs around the ocher color, an exclusive destination for travelers looking for unique and original experiences.
Just steps from the historic center there is the Sentier des Ocres: a journey of about 45 minutes, between sea pines, chestnuts and the incredible rock formations similar to the southwestern Canyon of the USA, also the unreal magic of the Cappadocia Fairy Fireplaces and the illusion of the desert.

Nearby there is Okhra-Conservatoire des Ocres et pigments. The museum is an institution tale about the secrets, extraction and itransformation of this natural color.
Twenty kilometers from Roussillon there is the town of Rustel, the gateway to the Colorado Provence. In Gargas, between the two villages - Roussillon and Rustrel, there are the Mines de Bruoux, a tunnel of over 40 kilometers today, which can be visited by tourists although in only a small part (650 meters).

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