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Meetings in Parma
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Unique locations for business meetings in Parma and its surroundings

Parma, 2020 Cultural Capital, offers historical sites, Verdi sites, a UNESCO world heritage gastronomy, plus top quality accommodation and conference facilities for companies which organise events

Organising business meetings in Parma is a unique occasion for those who want to live the real heart of the Food Valley. The city, which will be Cultural Capital in 2020, boasts a rich heritage of artistic, historic and cultural beauties: it’s the temple for lyric opera with the prestigious Verdi Festival and it’s also renowned for its gastronomy which is considered UNESCO world heritage.

First stage is visiting the elegant historic centre with its antique food and wine workshops, where territory best sellers “parade”, Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello di Zibello, but also Parmigiano Reggiano, Gutturnio and Malvasia wines. Here, there are also two taste institutions the Academia Barilla and the Alma cooking school.

In addition to offering interesting attractions and experiences, the city provides excellent locations and services for business meetings in Parma and its surroundings.

Locations for Business meetings in Parma

Among the most appropriate locations for companies, there’s the Paganini Congressi, splendid example of recovered industrial architecture signed by Renzo Piano.

Surrounded by an evocative centuries-old park, it consists of the renovated Centro di Produzione Musicale A.Toscanini, the Auditorium Paganini, that can accommodate up to 780 people and that has 5 multifunctional areas, with a total capacity of approximately 1,700 seats, among which the Sala Pizzetti (Spazi Ipogei) stands out with its 360 seats.

Another location for events of particular historic value is the Teatro Regio, Verdi Festival headquarters, currently, it’s a genuine tourist and cultural product, with offerings designed to Italian and international operators that are specialised in incentive and special events.

The Theatre provides its beautiful halls decorated by Paolo Toschi and Gian Battista Borghesi, allowing events up to 1,092 people in the main hall plus elegant indoor areas.

There’s the Palaverdi for the biggest events in the city exhibition centre: 17,000 square meters of modular area with a capacity up to 6,000 guests. While you may opt for the exhibition area within the Palazzo del Governatore for exclusive presentations and events in city centre: a prestigious location which hosts exhibitions of international relevance.

Location for business meetings in Parma surroundings

Even Parma surroundings lend themselves to be the frame of business meetings and events of particular charm thanks to the presence of evocative places. Among them, there’s undoubtedly the picturesque Borgo Fontanellato where the Labirinto della Masone is located, it is the biggest labyrinth in the world and it is entirely made up of bamboo plants, opened for business and private events.

Parma territory also boasts many castles, such as the one of Torrechiaracombined into the Associazione Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza, an association which offers evocative and original locations for business meetings and events in great charming backgrounds.

The conference offer of Salsomaggiore Terme is also rich. Here, there’s the Palazzo dei Congressi, building in Liberty-Deco style in a big park centre, with beautiful historic frescoed halls and the Auditorium Europa that is capable of accommodating up to 2300 people.

Always in Salsomaggiore Terme there are also the Palazzetto dello Sport, the Terme Berzieri and the Terme Zoja.

Discover all the locations for business events and meetings and what to see and taste in Parma surroundings >> link pdf


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For further informations about facilities, click on details and consult our Directory sheets:

Viale delle Esposizioni 393/A
43126 Parma (Parma) - +39 0521996889
Labirinto della Masone
Labirinto della Masone
Strada Masone 121
43012 Fontanellato, Parma (Parma) - +39 0521 827081


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