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Venice: the shape of water

Always the same in substance, yet always different in perception, Venice, for centuries it has kept its charm intact, without renouncing modernity

Venezia: la forma dell'acqua_1 Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Venezia_2 Villa Barbarich, Venezia_3 Scuola della Grande Misericordia, Venezia_4 Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Venezia_5 San Servolo Centro Congressi ed eventi, Venezia_6 Four Points Sheraton Venice Mestre, Venezia_7 DoubleTree By Hilton Venice North, Venezia_8 Vela S.p.A., Venezia_9 Villa Widmann, Venezia_10

Seen from above, Venice has forma piscis, a rutilant fish of colours and scales of heterogeneous materials, marbles, Istrian stones, red bricks, among which, gradually, you recognize, among head, fins, and tail, the bell towers, Piazza San Marco, Rialto, Palazzo Ducale, the tip of the Dogana, the serpentine of the Grand Canal, the islands in the Island.

But which is the true Venice?

There is undoubtedly a courtly and hieratic Venice, like its Byzantine mosaics, superb like its Ducal Palace, but as soon as you leave the Realtine or the San Marco area, the atmosphere immediately changes. In some sestieri (districts),  such as Cannaregio or Castello, you meet the Venetians, an almost extinct species, there are no luxury shops but children who play, also many bacari (a type of Venetian osteria), bakers, butchers, and all that is needed by the common mortals who resist in this slow rhythm of Venice, for many unthinkable. Here, however, there is also an extraordinary building that has been standing out for a couple of years in the panorama of Venetian structures made available for exhibitions and events: the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, two floors of beauty and technology.
In Venice and in the major islands – the Lido of Venice, San Giorgio, the Giudecca, San Servolo, Murano, Burano, Torcello, life takes place in a “bipolar” way: quiet for most of the months, then frenetic during periods of tourist attraction such as the Biennale of Art and Architecture or during the Film Festival, or for major events. Who can forget the fireworks and the Pink Floyd concert? And the images of Venice during the 1989 Redentore? Any event organised enjoys the added value of the Venice brand and today, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, an image goes around the world in a few seconds and a record-breaking visibility is guaranteed to both the subject of the image and Venice. An example of this was the great artistic intervention of Lorenzo Quinn, who, in 2017, built for Ca’ Sagredo Hotel two enormous forearms emerging from the water of the Grand Canal, an artwork of great artistic and metaphorical value, almost a manifesto to state that art brings peace and beauty and that Venice, undisputed symbol of both, deserves special attention for its fragility.

The other Venice

The other Venice, the Metropolitan City, established in 2014 with a decree that replaced the Province of Venice, a very vast territory of mainland, ranging from the legendary beaches of Cavallino, Punta Sabbioni, Jesolo, Caorle to Chioggia, from Venice-Mestre to the ten municipalities of the Riviera del Brenta and to the seven of the Terra dei Tiepolo.

Even this Venice is wonderful to discover and to nominate as a scenery for great events: for some years the historic Miss Italia event has been hosted in Jesolo and all the events that are organised in the Venetian Villas: shows, conferences, wedding fairs, car presentations, historical pageants such as that of the Riviera Fiorita, or exhibitions and Jazz evenings, for example those organised at Villa Widmann, along the Brenta river.
Municipalities such as Mira, Dolo, Mirano, Fiesso, Stra, are small art cities much loved by tourists, they have their own identity but still interact with the Serenissima, which has to deal with a kind of odi et amo (love and hate), in fact in Mestre, which will soon have its own M9, a beautiful museum of the ‘900, from time to time is proposed a referendum on the separation from Venice.

Meanwhile new hotels are born, even charming ones as Villa Barbarich of Mestre and new affiliations to international chains such as the Four Points Sheraton Venice Mestre or the DoubleTree by Hilton Venice North of the DHotels chain, offering beautiful facilities, meeting rooms, excellent catering, and, of course, the glamor of Venice.

Scuola Grande Della Misericordia

Scuola Grande della Misericordia is a fine building of great historical and artistic value, an exclusive location for holding events, concerts and exhibitions... above all, an innovative communications space which constantly interacts with its area.
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La Scuola dell’abate Zanetti

La Scuola dell’abate Zanetti is the ideal location for a post congress experience in tune with the spirit of Venice in order to find out the excellency of the Island Murano: glass.
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Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

A 5-star hotel, award-winning for its atmosphere and service, simply perfect: we’re talking about Hilton Molino Stucky Venice.
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Vela S.p.A.

The trade company of mobility and marketing in Venice, Vela S.p.A, work to set-up a conference, but also planning the advertising for an exhibition, a concert, or an event, “sailing” the lagoon with a “special sail”.
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San Servolo

San Servolo Island, among San Marco Basin and Venice Lagoon, is a very interesting conference centre, with multifunctional areas for the international Mice segment, corporate presentations, seminars, training courses, and cultural events such as concerts.
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Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari

In this beautiful intact facility, Villa Widmann, as if time has stopped,  it is possible to set up meetings, conferences, corporate dinners, but also wedding receptions or concerts.
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DoubleTree By Hilton Venice North and Four Points Sheraton Venice Mestre: quality, attention to made in Italy design and innovation. This is the fil rouge distinguishing the upper-class hotels of the Venetian brand.
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Meeting venues in Venice and in the surrounding area selected by MM: Russot Hotel and Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort

For info about venues mentioned in Focus Venice and its surrounding area click “details” on the Directory slide show:

Ca' Sagredo Hotel
Ca' Sagredo Hotel
Campo S. Sofia 4198/99 Ca’ d’Oro
30121 Venezia (Venezia) - +39 041.2413111
Hotel Villa Barbarich
Hotel Villa Barbarich
Via Molino Ronchin, 1
30174 Zelarino Mestre (Venezia) - +39 041979002
Misericordia di Venezia
Misericordia di Venezia
Sestiere Cannaregio, 3599
30121 Venezia (Venezia) - +39 3371440557
Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
Giudecca 810
30133 Venezia (Venezia) - +39 0412723311
San Servolo <br> Centro Congressi ed eventi
San Servolo
Centro Congressi ed eventi
Isola di San Sevolo 1
30124 Venezia (Venezia) - +39 0412765001
Villa Widmann  <br> Rezzonico, Foscari
Villa Widmann
Rezzonico, Foscari
Via Nazionale, 420
30034 Mira Riviera del Brenta (Venezia) - +39 041424973
Four Points by Sheraton Venice Mestre
Four Points by Sheraton Venice Mestre
Via Don Luigi Peron, 4
30174 Mestre (Venezia) - +39 0413140500
DoubleTree by Hilton Venice North
DoubleTree by Hilton Venice North
Via Bonfadini 1
31021 Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) - +39 041.5977001


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