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Meetings and events in the fascinating setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte

Today, the Milanese historical palace of Piazza Affari is the core of a modern multimedia communication centre: the Congress Centre. An eclectic place where conferences, fashion shows, gala dinners, exhibitions, training sessions find their right destination.

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Palazzo Mezzanotte history began in 1932, during the years, it has changed: from being a finance temple, it has become a modern communication centre. The symbolic building of Milan, but also of Italy as a whole, overlooking the particular Piazza Affari.

Since its opening, in the late Eighties, this prestigious facilities has hosted, in its parterre, stock bargainings with on-call auctions – so-called "open outcry" –  and corbeille, the area in central hall reserved for transferable securities sale. Still linked to financial world, the pure white travertine Palace of Piazza Affari is also open for non-expert, because today it’s core of a modern communication centre: the Congress Centre, which can accommodate over 600 people between historical Parterre and Underground Rooms.

Meetings and events in Palazzo Mezzanotte

Over the years, the rooms of Palazzo Mezzanotte hosted many events, from conferences to fashion shows, from gala dinners to exhibitions, up to training sessions. Specifically designed to host every kind of event, these areas are divided between parterre and underground.

  • The parterre, also known as the Sala delle Grida (Outcry Room), is an elegant auditorium which can accommodate up to 440 seats, adjustable according with the Client’s needs, on 1,500 square metres and a wide surrounding area for exhibitions and meetings. The hall is ideal for hosting conferences, gala dinners, fashion shows and exhibitions, on mezzanine floor it has a Balcony, offering an additional area of 500 square meters for catering services. The area is made particularly suggestive thanks to a futuristic crystal and steel roofing, which fits into the pre-existing architectural context in a harmonious way. In addition, the hall is illuminated by one of the widest skylights of Europe and it allows audience to see building upper part, with three rows of windows behind which there are the Borsa offices;
  • The underground areas (previously reserved to bargainings of Cereals Market), instead, can be adapted to any event also thanks to its significant flexibility. Indeed, here can be accommodated up to 290 guests, divided into the areas called: Sala Convegni (Conferences Room),  Sala Gialla (Yellow Room) and Area Scavi (Excavations Area) - the last one is enriched by a particular glass flooring that unveils the foundations of a building from the Roman age, II century A.D., and the ruins of a theatre built in the Imperial age, that was probably demolished by Federico Barbarossa in the 1162. These areas are surrounded by majolica columns conceived and designed by the architect Giò Ponti, artistic director of Manifattura Richard-Ginori between the 1923 and the 1930. Lastly, high expression of Decò influence, inspired by Lombardy Neoclassicism, is given by representations of icons of the old Grains and Cereals Market.
Palazzo Mezzanotte Congress Centre
Palazzo Mezzanotte Congress Centre
Piazza degli Affari 6
20123 Milano (Milano) - 39 02.72426554


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