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Your next meeting in Lisbon
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Where should you organize your next meeting in Lisbon?

Historical locations or modern ones, flexible, with beautiful panoramas e and professional staff. These are some qualities of the venues you can choose in Lisbon for your next event or meeting.

According to the International Congress and Convention Association, Lisbon is in the top ten 10 the world's most requested cities to host international congress thanks to its investments in the hospitality field, both leisure and MICE.
In Lisbon there are several locations considered the best one where organize an event. The Lisbon Convention Bureau suggests three venues in particular: Pavillon Carlos Lopes, in the Parque Eduardo VII in the heart of the capital, Sud Lisboa, which is named after is position, and Montemar Lisboa, both on the north bank of the Tejo River.

Pavillon Carlos Lopes

Pavillon Carlos Lopes has been built to represent the Portuguese during the International Exposition organized in Rio de Janeiro in 1922. This building has an incredible story, since most of its part where moved from Portugal to Brazil, where it was built. Then, after the end of the Exposition, it was taken apart to move t back to Lisbon and then reassembled in 1932 in the Parque Eduardo VII. Afterwards, it’s been used for sport competition, cultural and art center and during political events.

Restructured for years, Pavillon Carlos Lopes reopened just last spring. Its outstanding location and its adaptable structure make it a perfect location for any kind of event: meetings, conferences, business lunches and dinners, exhibitions, and congress. Its three main rooms can host 3.300 people, Sala Nobre, 180 mq, Sala dos Azulejos, more welcoming and with  capacity of more than 100 pax, and Sala Multiusos, that can host 2.900 participants. 

Pavillon Carlos Lopes Lisbon_1


Between Torre de Beléme and Ponte 25 de Abril, on Brasília Avenue it’s located SUD Lisboa. Here, just 5km away from the city center, there are a lot of must see, monuments, museums, and cultural centers such as Monastero dos Jerónimo, Museo dos Coches, and Centro Culturale di Belém.

Surrounded by the green , and refreshed by fountains and the breeze of the Tejo River, this location is ideal to organize a memorable event. Fascinating by the neighborhood, the structure represents the equilibrium of the two sides of the Tejo: SUD Lisboa in fact has two main buildings connected by a terrace that function as a bridge.
Its terrace and its rooms are equipped by technological tools and high quality audio systems. Each space is flexible and large, like the two halls, the one on the first floor is 1.000mq, and the one on the second floor is 100mq. You can decide how to furnish and decorate them.
In SUD Lisboa there are also a restaurant and a bar, their excellent service is guaranteed also during big events, weddings, and parties. For bigger events, the restaurant and the bar offer a buffet and/or cocktails.
And if you want just relax, just go on the terrace, where from the open swimming pool you can  admire the Tejo River. 

SUDLisboa Lisbon_1

MonteMar Lisboa Resturant

Monte Mar Lisboa has been created on the North side of the Tejo River, in an elegant but at the same time urban atmosphere.
The terrace provides one of the best views of Lisbon, the serenity of the Tagus River, where you can relax and forget you are in the heart of a city full of life! The magnificence and beauty of the 25th of April Bridge is well expressed in the fact that, when it was inaugurated, it was considered the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world and the biggest outside the United States.

Monte Mar Lisboa offers a high quality and contemporary service, starting from food: fresh fish, seafood,  and all the traditional Monte Mar Cascais cuisine to the capital. The hake fillets with cockle rice, our signature dish, has a simple name but is very rich in flavor. Since Monte Mar Lisboa is not just a fish and seafood restaurant, if you prefer a more traditional option, choose "iscas", a delicious and tender liver dish served in a skillet.

Monte Mar Lisboa boasts an elegant multi-functional space, adaptable to various types of events and to your preferences. To create a memorable experience you can customize all aspects of your event. The interior space can accommodate up to approximately 300 people and sit about 300. On the outside deck, there is the possibility of a cocktail service for up to 400 people.

Montemar Lisbon_1


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