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PlayHotel Next, a reliable partner to start again

Responsible hospitality is born, the right approach to deal with the future scenarios of tourism

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The new website is finally online. As announced during the Excellent Award at the Bit of Milan 2020 by Andrea Papa, CEO of Play Hotel Next, the new Play Hotel project born to challenge the current phase of tourism is at the starting line. Having entered a new phase in the concept of hospitality, the only certainty is that the rules of the game will change and it's time to get into the game by focusing on your business.

"Play Hotel", "Play Next"

What are the possible ways? We talk about it with Andrea Papa: «Responsible hospitality», he explains,«is the correct approach to face the future scenarios of tourism, a holistic philosophy that considers the tourism business as a whole, starting from financial instruments to get back into play in the post Covid-19 (PLAY) phase up to housekeeping services, the heart of the hotel's activities, supported by profit management strategies aimed at disintermediation to increase site sales with direct bookings. This is the management of the hotel of the future (NEXT)».

The PlayHotel Next model is based on the analysis of the strategic assets of the hotel. The financial assistance for the re-start merges with attention to business processes and twenty years of experience in integrated services in outsourcing, together with the advice of a dedicated marketing team with a strong specialization in travel tech.

No longer just housekeeping, but a new way of welcoming people

Room cleaning is a fundamental aspect of the new era of hospitality. We are entering a phase in which guests will be more and more attentive to sanitization, changing the selection parameters of the accommodation facility, choosing where to stay on the basis of a guarantee of quality and safety. «That's why», continues Papa,«housekeeping becomes one of the fundamental services for our partners, the first voice in the sales strategies of a hotel, the most careful phase of the tourist product. It will be a precise task of the Hotel to communicate the ways in which the correct sanitization procedures have been respected, transforming the management of sanitization into a daily process, not as a single event».

"The right price at the price of the crisis"

Playhotel Next also offers valid financial support in this post-health emergency phase with a team of consultants who intervene with vertical expertise on the entire hotel management chain, applying hospitality management models and partnerships suitable for the hotel business that requires it. Together with the accommodation facility, the most appropriate pricing strategy for the outsourced service is evaluated in order to support the hotel's restart towards the objectives of turnover growth.

Restoring Next, change to evolve

With the term Restoring Next, the new Playhotel indicates the evolution of the traditional procedure of room cleaning, where housekeeping becomes synonymous with hospitality, a set of best practices on several parallel levels, aimed at receiving guests in the best possible way. In this new mode of service are also fundamental all the integrated activities aimed at improving the guest's perception of comfort and safety, directing the selection of choice towards the guarantee of a clean and sanitized environment. «We are now in a new era of "responsible hospitality”, as we like to define it», continues Papa,«where housekeeping acquires a strategic value on which the hotel can build its communication, finalizing a strengthening of marketing actions dedicated to increasing the brand reputation and the correct positioning on the reference markets».

The importance of training activities

That’s accompanied, as always, by careful training activities, fundamental in this period of complex regulations necessary for the post-Covid restart. «We train and guarantee highly qualified personnel, able to manage and use technical and specific equipment, to correctly apply all cleaning procedures, following operating manuals created ad hoc for our partners, but also preparing them so as to give the necessary knowledge to welcome the customer in the best way».


PlayHotel Next, a reliable partner to start again
PlayHotel Next, a reliable partner to start again
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