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6 tips for customizing guests’ hotel stays

Customizing guests’ stays is imperative for any hotel. You need to avoid identical travel experiences, which all offer the same standards, services, comfort and mediocre welcome

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Here are some ideas to ensure that your guests’ stay is special and memorable

1. Personalised emails

The contents of the emails must be informative and interesting, so they whet the curiosity of the guests. It is essential to send a pre-stay email with useful information and advice about the area and the weather forecast for the stay, but also requesting preferences and requirements (room temperature, minibar products, type of pillow, etc.). Then, you can send an email during the guests’ stay, adjusting the content based on the garnered information: for a young couple, why not suggest the best romantic restaurants?

2. CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a very useful tool for customizing visitors’ stays because it allows you to store any kind of information about your customers, which can then be used to improve service, impress the customer and perform direct marketing actions.

3. Dynamic packaging

It is important to give guests the possibility of independently customizing their own stay, starting with the reservation on the website. The booking engine must have a dynamic packaging module that allows customers to choose the various additional services that the hotel offers, in addition to the accommodation. This is, after all, information that can be used to profile customers.

4. Instant messaging

It is the perfect ally for a dynamic and personalised approach. Having an open channel on Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp is now imperative. To manage it, however, you need a member of staff who has been properly trained to give information, respond to requests, etc.

5. Courtesy and assistance in the hotel

From the concierge to the personal assistant: a person who moves around the hotel and is on-hand to give advice and information of any kind to guests. Someone who possesses people skills and empathy, who knows the area so well that he or she can take guests out to explore it... these are the qualities that a personal assistant should have. No matter how much it costs.

6. Staff training

No technology can beat the staff’s ability to perceive, understand and recognize the needs of the customer. Pay the five, key people in your staff at a higher rate and train everyone with their support. Organise tasks by forming teams, however, economic incentives are also required to get the work done effectively.


Tips to customize guests hotel stays

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