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Prague Congress Centre
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Prague Congress Centre enters top European venues

The Prague Congress Centre is aiming at the top congress venues of the world. With an enviable reputation for efficiency, it is undergoing extensive improvements to ensure it continues to bring the best services and reliable space to its clients 

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A hub of scientific endeavour, education, culture and social life for more than three decades, the Prague Congress Centre is investing for the future. In response to client demands for sustainability and high-end technology, it is embarking on a new stage of development.

After vast investments in new heating and cooling systems, which have improved client comfort and should pay for themselves within ten years thanks to improvements in energy performance, the second phase is currently underway and includes refurbishment of the main halls, foyers and public toilets as well as the installation of energy-saving LED lights. The next step is the installation of a digital navigation system, 180 Wi-Fi points and 2,000 data slots, which will be completed by the beginning of November in time for the prestigious ICCA congress.

The building finished in 1981 with great attention to details, quality materials and flexibility of space has lacked a generous exhibition space. Therefore, an architectural urban design competition “New PCC” for the proposal of an extension to the Prague Congress Centre, consisting of much-needed exhibition surfaces and of the creation of quality public spaces in its surrounding areas was announce last year. This summer has brought a winner and a new exhibition hall will be built within three years, ensuring the PCC will be able to provide enough exhibition space for future demands.

The space is, however, not the only attribute of a successful meeting. Excellent services, friendly atmosphere and professional outgoing team turns the Prague Congress Centre into a place where you can enjoy inspiration.


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