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Daniel Marusic, CEO and President of DT Croatia
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Daniel Marusic speaks about sport in the travel industry

Daniel Marusic, CEO and President of DT Croatia, tells to Master Meeting the how he matches sport travelling and tells the future tourist needs in Dubrovnik region.

Marusic’s opinion about travelling and tourism

I’ve been in the new “modern“ travel industry for over 25 years now -  seeing the switch from traditional to alternative, from normal to crazy, from cultural to active, from serious to funky.

More and more people are looking to be in it on both sides. To be part of something global, travel is todays a primar need, we don't only eat, sleep, and drink, we also need to travel – it's there, on all our screens but the more countries and destionations one visit the richer ones life is. Its a multicultural world and the only way to survive and succed is to have this done as it should be, and we do it best by travelling.
There is a market there that will do it all – travel a lot - and also race! Or train! Or both! These are the modern travel warriors. They prepare for their “battles“ at home and on the road, holiday or a business trip, this won't stop them. Their needs are simple: nice weather - on the first place – and safety of course! They plan ahead, and if it is a good trip it falls in a combination that will help their life plans be closer, they'll give everything they can – to reach their goal racing a marathon, a triathlon, or any other individual sport that is so easy to get involved in and also simple to do it while on the road too.

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Sport and travel

Sport and travel - the new religion on the way for busy business people! We drank all the wines, we had all the food, we've seen nice hotel rooms, exotic beaches, and romantic valleys, taken our pictures. The feeling of doing sports while travelling is the cherry on the top.
Personally I started some years ago just attending some indoor fitness classes arround my city. After a while I fell in love with running, but the big bang was running in another town, taking part in a race in an other country, visiting a gym in another continent – simple as just going on a business trip and doing my runs before a busy day starts. Swimming in other pools or seas. Cycling on scenic roads. Wow! What a new experience. Lot of new air in my lungs. And then it popped into my mind. It sholuld be the same for others here where I live.

Sport and tourism in Dubrovnik region

Dubrovnik is most famous for city walls, nice weather, sea and sun, good food, nice hotels, lots to do, but today busy people want that air in their lungs! Same air I got in my travels, and holidays. Dubrovnik is famous as a meeting and event destination as well. People want to get out from their hotel rooms, be active, see the city, feel that “runners high“ in this place as well. We started a triathlon club last year, me and my friends, organised some races, got the city moving and shaking, but its just the beginning of a longer process now. Whatch out as Dubrovnik is going to be a very multi sport friendly destination, when people most need it, autum, winter and spring – Dubrovnik is the future destination for active travel junkies! I am fully convinced that the Dubrovnik region, with a clearly defined strategy and appropriate mix of high quality sports & lifestyle events, will quickly develop a great reputation and attract the right demographic to deliver “shoulder and off-season“ sport tourism revenues.

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