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Milos Cerovic
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Miloš Cerović tells how Intercontinental will become the leader of Luxury in Slovenia

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, educated at prestigious hotel school at University of Nevada in Las Vega, Milos Cerovic, now InterContinental Ljubljana General Manager, started his career in Vegas at MGM GRAND, the largest hotel in the world with 5044 rooms. He gradually climbed the latter from a receptionist to General Manager and then worked for international chains such as Hyatt, InterContinental, and Shangri-La.

Milos Cerovic, InterContinental Ljubljana General Manager_1

 “I feel a huge sense of pride and responsibility in knowing that my team and I are trying to redefine luxury hotel experience in Ljubljana. Most definitely my biggest challenge will be to turn Ljubljana, the hidden gem of Europe into the must-see destination that I personally totally fell in love with”, says Cerovic talking about his role as General Manager of InterContinental Ljubljana, “Ljubljana offers high quality of life, it is a boutique, green and compact capital ideal for business and leisure guests”. Renowned brand such as IHG will definitely help Slovenia and Ljubljana to boost the awareness and recognition amongst the leisure travelers and business people alike. The main difference would be that a management company, in this case IHG, brings know-how into the picture. The General Manager, along with key positions, is directly selected by IHG to ensure that company’s DNA is authentically introduced and delivered to all other employees.

IHG is one of the most recognizable hotel companies globally, and Ljubljana will be amongst 100 locations worldwide where the hotel group is present. Along with the beautiful hotel, IHG will also introduce the city to its 100 million loyalty program customers and business partners. Their team works closely with the local community and the city authorities creating partnerships with all agencies in order to promote and proudly represent the city of Ljubljana on the global tourist market. Their aim is to promote the destination as much as they promote out the prestigious brand.

Their mission statement is to bring a fresh approach to hospitality in Ljubljana so in that sense they feel pressure to be innovative in every step of the guest journey. As the only 5 star hotel in the city, they need to be different from their competition as that is the expectation from their customers. At the same time, they feel grateful to the hotel’s owning company, Delta Holing Group, for investing over 40 mil Euros to build such a beautiful hotel and they want to ensure that the Group investments see quick returns.

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