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Gaggia Milano

The historical Gaggia Milano brand proposes a full range of machines, to enjoy an excellent coffee, everywhere.

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Tradition, care of design, premium positioning and technological innovation are main features of Gaggia Milano, brand of Evoca Group.

History of Gaggia Milano brand is based on the idea of founder, Achille Gaggia, who invented coffee cream in 1938, revolutionizing the procedure of coffee extraction.

An all Italian tradition which conquered the world in the 1950s, with spread of espresso coffee trend and start of large-scale production of Gaggia machines. Since then, a constant attention for tradition, together with perseverance in research of new markets, technologies and cutting edge tools, guide the growth of this brand, which today is characterized by style, uniqueness, quality and contemporaneity.

La Radiosa

Launched in July 2019, La Radiosa represents the right answer to the Ho.Re.Ca world, also winking at offices world. Refined and well-finished design is characterized by captivating and elegant lines, without, however, losing sight of its true essence: technological innovation.

Innovation for La Radiosa also means excellence and quality of dispensed beverage. The new EvoMilk technology allows to pre-set doses and temperature, as well as density of fresh milk, but also to dispense beverages made of perfectly foamed hot and cold milk.

Then, naturally, there’s coffee: through volumetric pump for 24V infusion which is electronically controlled, it’s possible to regulate coffee flow and to obtain in this way exclusive shades of flavour, maintaining a high productivity.

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