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Hospitality trends 2018
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New year, new trends: what will happen in the hospitality industry in 2018

It’s very important for hoteliers knowing hospitality trends, understanding services and customer segments to focus on and concentrate own resources. Here in 4 points are the latest trends of 2018 to meet your guests expectations

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Trend 1. Personalized stay

In 2018, guests will look for personalized hospitality, not only services, but also the human contact reserved by the staff of the facilities. The new tourists are looking for human and sincere interactions with those who take care of his precious vacation. They are buying a stay based on experience and enrichment of their knowledge.
Families require more often than a sojourn designed only for themselves but ad hoc for their children. They value an accommodation that offers extra services such as a cot in the room, the warm-baby bottle, baby sitting, children's entertainment..

Trend 2. Experiential tourism

When we have guests at our house or in our city, we take care of their stay: we think about what to show them and what to do with them, and that is exactly how you have to approach your customers. Tourists are increasingly looking for experiential vacations and activities that make them feel part of the place. Therefore, hotels will have to pay more attention to experiences for guests not only within the facility. It is important to have conventions with museums, clubs, gyms in the local area. A plus is also to find at the reception brochures and maps, what to do or to visit.

Trend 3. Pet friendly hotels

According to a study by the Hotel Tonight hotel booking company, Italy is positioned above the world average for the number of pet-friendly accommodations, with 1 out of 2 structures that welcomes furry friends. Pet friendly services will attract a market very fruitful because pet owners are willing to spend more money to keep them on holiday. In addition, people with at least one animal are growing, according to the ASSALCO - Zoomark report 2017, the number of pets is in a 1: 1 ratio to the Italian population.

Trend 4. Smart hotels

The hotel of the future will be smart because guests expect to find on demand devices in room, free Wi-fi, technological systems to control all room functions with a remote control. In particular, you need to install youre chatbots, software that allows all customers to contact and interact with the structure through artificial intelligence. Today these applications can be installed within specific platforms or more simply on social media, such as Facebook or Skype, or on the hotel website. Last but not least, livestreaming to get in direct contact with your customers: using Facebook you can reach millions of users and present their structure through this new way of doing marketing.


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Hospitality trends 2018
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