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Milan, April 3th 2017 Hotel Principe di Savoia

This Award is by now a traditional unmissable Event for the key players of italian Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

Premio Excellent, considered the most prestigious event of Italian Tourism Industry, conceived by Mario Mancini, chairman and editor in chief of Communication Agency, aims to recognize outstanding achievements of Hospitality entrepreneurs and managers whose efforts have significantly contributed to developing and enhancing the Tourism Industry, undoubtedly the key strategic asset for our Country.

Developed to identify, highlight and reward excellence throughout the global hospitality industry, Premio Excellent has grown over the years in prestige and number of participants.


This year again the Prize Jury, chaired by Hon. Ombretta Fumagalli Carulli, has chosen to award The Excellent prize to leading Hospitality players who significantly promoted Italy in the world and a special Jury Award to those personalities representing the Italian Excellence in a wide range of fields (political, institutional, cultural, scientific, entrepreneurial and artistic), whose dedication and efforts have contributed to establish the Italian brand in Italy and worldwide.
The Principe di Savoia Hotel, a magnificent neo-classical edifice, an emblem of Milanese hospitality, has been for years now the ideal location to host this unique event, strictly by invitation only.
A unique Event dedicated to the Elite of Italian tourism & hospitality Industry: more than 450 highly respected figures, representing some of the 2,000 best upscale and luxury hotels and Major Chains, including owners and managing directors.